Bill McCormick's story is a fascinating one. He and Sue ventured into the world of entrepreneurship after a sudden change in circumstances, and they quickly realized the potential of LinkedIn as a tool for building their business. By tapping into the social aspect of digital sales, they were able to connect with clients in a more personal and effective way, particularly in Bermuda, where a significant portion of their clientele is based.

Before diving into the world of digital sales, his background was quite varied. Bill spent his early years in sales, but he wasn't particularly successful at it. He took a detour into public service as a 911 dispatcher, which was a stark contrast to the hustle of sales. However, life had other plans, and when his wife's boss passed away unexpectedly, they decided to start their own promotional product business. This leap into entrepreneurship was both daunting and exhilarating.

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Key Points

• Bill McCormick is the founder of Digisales and helps others leverage LinkedIn to increase sales (0:07)


• Bill and his wife started their business in 2013 and were able to grow it by finding clients on LinkedIn and providing value through promotional products and handwritten notes, without having to cold call (3:45)


• Bill distinguishes between transactional and relational relationships in sales and prefers the latter (9:46)


• Bill explains the difference and emphasizes the importance of building trust and developing relationships in sales (11:35)


• Bill  encourages keeping an open mind to different outreach strategies and experimenting with new approaches (13:36)


• Bill discusses how the pandemic has changed the way people communicate and sell, and emphasizes the need to be open-minded and adaptable to new technologies and methods (16:33)


• The speakers discuss the need to break out of echo chambers and expand thinking in order to stay ahead of changing trends and technologies in sales and marketing (18:43)


• The book breaks down sales methodologies and discusses the social aspects of communication, including treating people the same way in digital spaces as face-to-face interactions (27:23)




Transforming Sales Through Digital Platforms: Insights from Bill McCormick

In an engaging conversation with Craig Andrews, Bill McCormick, the founder of Digisales and the soon-to-be author of "All Selling is Social," shares his inspiring journey from a novice in sales to a pioneer in leveraging LinkedIn for business growth. This blog post captures the essence of their discussion, offering valuable insights into the power of digital platforms and the importance of authentic connections in sales.

Craig Andrews: Welcome, everyone. Today, we're thrilled to have Bill McCormick with us. Bill is not just the founder of Digisales, a company that's reshaping digital selling training but also an upcoming author passionate about the social aspects of selling. Bill, it's great to have you.

Bill McCormick: Thanks, Craig. I'm excited to dive into our conversation and share my experiences with your listeners.

From Personal Challenges to Professional Success

Bill's journey into digital sales began out of necessity when he and his wife, Sue, started their own promotional product business. Faced with the challenge of building a business from scratch, they turned to LinkedIn. This platform not only allowed them to reconnect with old clients but also to forge new, meaningful business relationships.

Bill McCormick: "LinkedIn became our water cooler for business connections. It was a game-changer in how we approached sales, focusing more on building relationships than just pushing products."

The Shift to a Relationship-Focused Sales Approach

Moving away from traditional sales methods, Bill emphasizes the importance of making LinkedIn—and digital selling in general—more human. Through his work, he helps others understand the platform in simple terms and use it to genuinely connect with potential clients.

Craig Andrews: "So, Bill, you've seen a significant transformation in your business approach. How did this shift impact your success?"

Bill McCormick: "It was a revelation. We discovered that providing value first and focusing on what we can offer, rather than what we could get, resonated with people. This approach not only increased our sales but also built a foundation of trust with our clients."

Breaking Out of the Echo Chamber

Bill and Craig delve into the concept of echo chambers, discussing how they can limit personal and professional growth. Bill shares his personal journey of challenging his preconceptions and opening up to new perspectives, both in sales and in life.

Bill McCormick: "Echo chambers can be dangerous. They keep us from seeing the full picture. By stepping out of my comfort zone and embracing other sales methodologies, I realized that all selling is, at its core, social. It's about connecting with people."

All Selling is Social

Bill's upcoming book, "All Selling is Social," explores the social elements inherent in all sales methodologies. He argues that, regardless of the medium, successful sales strategies are those that prioritize genuine, human connections.

Bill McCormick: "The book is a call to action for sales professionals to rethink their strategies. It's not about the medium—be it phone, email, LinkedIn, or face-to-face meetings—it's about how you make those interactions count."

Key Takeaways for Aspiring Sales Professionals

  • Embrace Digital Platforms: Utilize platforms like LinkedIn not just for networking but for building meaningful relationships.
  • Focus on Authentic Connections: Move beyond transactional interactions and focus on creating genuine connections with your clients.
  • Break Free from Echo Chambers: Challenge your preconceptions and be open to learning and adopting new sales methodologies.
  • Prioritize the Human Element: Remember that at the heart of every successful sale is a human connection.

Craig Andrews: "Bill, your insights today have been incredibly enlightening. How can our listeners connect with you and learn more about your work?"

Bill McCormick: "I encourage everyone to visit my website,, and connect with me on LinkedIn. Let's continue the conversation and transform the way we think about sales together."

Craig Andrews: "Thank you, Bill, for sharing your journey and wisdom with us. It's clear that the future of sales lies in the power of authentic, social connections."

Bill McCormick's insights remind us that in the ever-evolving landscape of sales, the most powerful tool at our disposal is our ability to connect with others authentically. As we navigate the digital age, let's remember that at the core of every transaction, every deal, and every successful business relationship is a simple, undeniable truth: all selling is social.